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Kansas City Pilot Training Discovery Flights

Take controls of an airplane during a discovery flight in Kansas City

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Kansas City Pilot Training Discovery Flights are approximately 35 minutes long and will introduce you to the world of flying. You will start with a pre-flight briefing, on the ground, before you take off to see what flying an airplane in Kansas City is all about! If you have always wanted to experience the sensation of flying with as little training as possible, then the Kansas City Discovery Flight from Kansas City Pilot Training is exactly the package you are looking for!

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Hands on flying time in Kansas City is under the discretion of the FAA certified instructor that will be judging your skill and ability to learn during the pre-flight briefing and instruction. Kansas City Discovery Flights are the perfect way to get your feet wet in the world of aviation.

Kansas City Discovery Flights Include...
  • An FAA Certified Instructor
  • Pre-Flight Instruction and Briefing
  • 20-40 Minutes of Flying
  • A Chance of Hands on Flying
  • Post-Flight Debriefing
  • First Timer Certificate
  • Student Log Book

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