Kansas City Commercial Pilot License
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Kansas City Commercial Pilot License

Become a commercial pilot in Kansas City by completing the commercial pilot license course

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Whether you are planning to earn a living as a Commercial Pilot or just want to upgrade your Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training in Kansas City is the best path. A Commercial Pilot License permits a pilot to fly aircrafts for remuneration in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Kansas City Pilot Training, will provide quality material, one-on one, step-by-step ground and flying training aimed at qualifying you for the Commercial Pilot License.

At Kansas City Pilot Training, we will provide you complete training and support to get your Commercial Pilot License.

Kansas City Commercial Pilot Training Includes...
  • Computer Based Trainings (CBTs)
  • Preflight Briefing
  • Airplane Training
  • Post Flight Briefings and Evaluations
Requirements For Your Commercial Pilot License
  • Age: Minimum 18 Years of Age
  • Proficiency: to Read, Write and Converse in English
  • License: Hold Private Pilot License
  • Flying Training: Minimum of 250 Flying Hours Training
  • Exam: Pass Written and Oral Exams of FAA
  • Test: Pass Flight Test of FAA