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Kansas City Airline Transport License

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For Pilots, the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is the highest level qualification of aviation. ATPL is considered the main requirement for entering the airlines as a pilot. Kansas City Pilot Training is a leader in Airline Transport Pilot License training. During this training in Kansas City, we make sure students cover navigation, general meteorology, aircraft technical & general, flight planning, and use of instruments and use of radio aids.

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Kansas City Airline Transport Pilot Training Includes...
  • Computer Based Trainings (CBTs)
  • Preflight Briefing
  • Airplane Training
  • Post Flight Briefings and Evaluations
Requirements For Your Airline Transport Pilot License
  • Age: Minimum 23 Years of Age
  • Proficiency: Read, Write and Converse in English
  • Health: A Class 1 FAA Physical
  • License: Currently hold a Commercial Pilot License
  • Flying: Minimum of 1500 Hours Flight
  • Dual Flying: Minimum of 5 Hours Dual Flight Experience
  • Ground Training: Minimum of 5 Hours Ground Flight
  • Cross Country Flying: Minimum of 500 Hours Cross Country Flying Experience
  • Night Flying: Minimum of 100 Hours Night Flying Experience
  • Exam: Pass Written and Oral Exams of FAA
  • Test: Pass Flight Test of FAA

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